June 14, 2024

Does your Mattress Become Hot? –Keep your Mattress Cool with these Tips 


It can be too hard to sleep on a mattress that becomes too hot & warm. The tossing & turning the whole night makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. With the advancement in technology, some ways help you stay cool all night. 

So, if you are also looking to invest in a new mattress, you must know about SmartGRID mattress, before going with any other. 

So, with talking much, let’s look into those tips & tricks that let your mattress cool and help you get a good night’s sleep. 

Why did Bed Becomes Hot?

During the summer, your mattress is prone to becoming warm. Your body goes through many phases of the sleeping cycle while you are asleep. Body momentarily loses its ability to sweat throughout some of these stages. Your body then becomes hotter at night as a result of this.

The material your mattress is constructed of will determine how heated it tends to get. There are numerous solutions on the market to meet a variety of needs and interests. While some people may require mattresses with cooling systems like SmarGRID mattress, others may require mattresses that retain heat. 

So, before you make a purchase, make sure you do enough research.

10 Tips to Make your Mattress Cool the Whole Night

Choose a Cooling Mattress Topper

Cooling toppers are an excellent method to add a layer of comfort while cooling down your mattress. A mattress topper is a layer that is placed on top of your mattress to revitalize it.

Simply choose the cooling topper that works best for you, and you can start sleeping more comfortable right away. Additionally, they are simple to take off, allowing you to do so according to the time of year and how warm or chilly the night is for you.

Cool Down Room Temperature

Make some changes to your bedroom for a quick and affordable approach to cool your mattress. The temperature of your mattress will rise as the environment becomes cooler.

Before you go to sleep, it’s crucial to set your bedroom’s temperature to your comfort level. With 30% to 50% humidity, a temperature between 16-18°C is advised. This setting encourages proper sleeping hygiene and keeps your room chilly enough to stop the growth of microorganisms.

Some other ways:

  • Ensure that the ceiling fan blades are turning counterclockwise. This push cool air to the floor.
  • Place a bowl of ice in front of the table fan, so that the cold air will get circulated all around the room. 

Keep Curtains Shut 

You can keep the curtains of your room shut during the daytime to ensure that your bedroom isn’t getting any type of heat rays from sunlight. This way your room won’t get warned and you get a cool mattress by the time you go to bed. 

Increase Air Circulation

For keeping the room cool ensure the room has enough air circulation. For this, keep the windows of your room open to get enough air whenever possible. Better air circulation also leads to removing humidity from your room, which makes the room cool.

Make sure to open the window early morning or in the evening in the summer. 

Adjust Your Clothing

With simple changes in your clothing style, you can dramatically reduce the temperature of your body at night. Some of these are like:

  • Wear light and loose-fitted clothes at night while sleeping.
  • Always try to wear natural, breathable materials like cotton.
  • You can tie the long hair back, which helps your head & neck light & cool.

These simple quick alterations will help you keep cool the whole night. 

Improve Sleep Routine

It is necessary to lower your body temperature as much as you can before going to bed, and your core temperature will make your mattress warmer. 

Here are some of the easiest ways to do so:

Try to put a cold compress on your pulse points.Drink alcohol – it dehydrates your body that makes you feel warmer.
Drink cold water before going to bed that hydrates & refresh you.  Use caffeine – provide you with more buzz that makes you feel stuffy.
Exercise in the morning – Avoids a rise in body temperature before going to bed.Wear heavy & tight-fitted clothes – Make you feel uncomfortable & warm the whole night.

Try SmartGRID Mattress

SmartGRID mattress is one of those mattresses infused with 2500 air channels for better airflow that keep you cool all the time during sweltering nights. You can get these mattresses from The Sleep Company. 

SmartGRID is not a memory foam, spring, or latex mattress that provides you great support to your back with grid-shaped hyper-elastic polymer. 

Swap your Bed

You must check your bed if you feel that your mattress is always warm. These are the two general types of bed base:

Slatted Base

This is a type of bed frame with slats on where your mattress rests with the gaps in between. These gaps allow for better airflow to the mattress and help give a cooling effect. 

Solid Base

This bed frame is often found on divans with a solid block that your mattress rests on. These bases suit is more supportive and provides a slightly warmer effect. 

Time to Get a New Mattress Today 

Now, as you got to know the ways to keep your mattress cool, it’s time to implement those. 

However, for getting a great cooling effect you can use the SmartGRID technology mattress from The Sleep Company that facilitates great airflow. 

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