June 14, 2024

8 Essential Garden Tools for the Beginner

Essential Garden Tools for the Beginner

In case you’ve never had a garden to take care of before, you might not know where to start when it comes to equipping yourself with all the tasks you will have to do. No matter if you only plan on keeping your lawn green and healthy or if you intend to start a garden that will have all sorts of fruits, veggies, and herbs, you cannot go at it without any tools. Here is what you should start with and slowly build your garden tools arsenal.


For starters, if you just started living in a house and want to keep up with lawn maintenance, you’ll need a lawnmower. These come in various models so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that matches your needs. Some are motorized, others you have to push manually. If you have a large yard, you can even look into those that you can sit on while handling this chore. In case you find this task boring, you can also do some research on robot mowers that will deal with this on their own.


Another essential tool that will come in handy no matter how much work you plan on doing in the yard is a wheelbarrow or a garden cart. These will be handy in the garden when you need to transport heavy bags of soil, bigger plants, or some other items. On the other hand, you can also use them to transport various things around your property, like those you might need during a home remodeling project, such as bags of concrete or gravel.

Loppers, pruners, and shears

While loppers, pruners, and shears are technically all different tools, we will group them together seeing as how they have a similar purpose. They are all used to prune and cut stems and branches. Loppers require two hands and are typically used for medium-sized branches. Then, pruners are used for smaller stems and branches and you can operate them with only one hand. Shears are used for shaping hedges and other similar plants.

Mini trowel and fork

With a smaller garden, you will have plenty of use for a mini trowel and fork. As a matter of fact, you can easily find these in a set with a weeder as well, so jump on the opportunity if it arises. These lightweight tools are very easy to use and you can use them to dig around a plant without disturbing its root. They can also be used to transplant seedlings, spread fertilizer, and remove weeds. Look for stainless steel models that will last you a long time.

Hoe and spade

In case you’re thinking about something on a bigger scale, a garden hoe and spade are essential. A hoe is a versatile tool that every beginner should have in their collection as you can not only use it to dig ground but also to break up soil and remove weeds. Besides using a hoe to make a hole for plant seedlings, you can do the same with a spade. A spade can also aid with getting straight edges, opening bags of soil, loading manure into the ground, and chopping grass.

Garden hose with nozzles

To have a luscious lawn and thriving plants, you also need to water them. For that, you will need a quality garden hose. You can get a regular one or opt for a weeper or soaker hose. Then, getting various nozzles will make watering much easier as you can focus on a single spot or cover a wider area. While at it, look into hose reels that will keep the hose safe when it’s not in use. A timer that can be used together with the hose so that you don’t have to get up early to water your lawn or garden is also helpful.


Another essential that is easy to overlook is a rake. Rakes are typically used to collect fallen leaves but you will also use them to collect cut grass, move soil around, and gather all other sorts of debris. There are various types you can get so consider getting both a leaf rake and a garden rake. In terms of materials, you want something that is lightweight but that can handle the task it’s made for. What is more, see whether you can get a model that is extendable.

Protective gear and apparel

Finally, you also need some protective gear when tending to a garden. For starters, a couple of pairs of garden gloves are a must to protect your hands. Then, you should look for knee pads or a knee mat as you might be spending plenty of time on your knees while taking care of your plants. A hat that will protect you from the harsh sun rays and an apron that will keep various tools within reach are also good additions to your gardening kit.

If you’re starting a garden or trying to have a healthy lawn, you will need these garden tools.

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