December 8, 2023

Put Some Creative Effort in Packaging of Glossy Lip Balms

Lip Balm Packaging

Lip Balm Packaging

There are many ways to manufacture lip balms of various flavors. But do you know that there are many ways to design creative packaging for lip balms to boost sales? Yes, there are. Lip balms come in a variety of colors, and flavors. In the modern era, you cannot keep on making simple old-fashioned lip balms packed in ordinary packaging. The public demands variety, and when you make a variety of lip balms, you’ll also need a variety of packaging styles to differentiate each lip balm.

Shape Assorted packaging for lip balms

In the lip balm business, there are two types of packaging. One is primary packaging which is the container or tube in which lip balm is contained. The other one is secondary packaging which packs, presents, and delivers lip balm products.

The shape of lip balm boxes

Suppose that the shape of the primary packaging of lip balms is cubic, cylindrical, hexagonal, tube-like, heart-shaped, fruit-shaped, or some other shape. You’ll have to select a secondary packaging that perfectly fits the shape of the primary packaging.

Shape of Inserts

Inserts are here to rescue you. For example, get inserts in the shape of hearts if your lip balms are of heart shape. Place lip balms inside these inserts to keep them in place elegantly. If your lip balms are of some other shape, then get these inserts accordingly.

The shape of the window cut

You won’t like that your lip balms are hidden inside fully covered packaging. Therefore, get a window cut on the Custom Lip Balm Packaging to showcase your lip balms. Moreover, you can play with window cutting techniques artistically. Let’s elaborate on this, consider that you have lip balms in the heart, circular, flower, butterfly, or some other shape, and the shape of the insert is also accordingly. Then cut out window shapes also according to the above shapes to make the packaging of lip balms more professional, alluring, and eye-catching. You can also choose simple circular, triangular, or square shapes of window cuts per your requirements.

Social media-worthy lip balm packaging

We cannot neglect the fact that today people are crazy about social media. They post everything they buy on social media. People spend most of their time on different social media sites. Bloggers especially makeup bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers review many products. They will show off products that are pleasing and unique. While showing products, the first thing they review is the quality of the packaging. Therefore, get packaging for lip balms that can attract an audience from social media sites.

Lip Balm Packaging

Add a luxury effect

Modern silver and gold foiling techniques can add some sparkling factor to the packaging boxes of lip balms. It would give a shimmery effect. In addition to this, there is another technique which is the embossing technique. It gives a little raised texture to the logo and name of your brand. Furthermore, apply a 3D mockup and make your lip balm boxes sumptuous.

Carefully Maintain sustainability of lip balms

Lip balms are usually made of oils, waxes, artificial flavors, and tints. You need to maintain the texture of lip balms for the safety of customers’ lips. If your lip balms get contaminated, then these lip balms do more harm than benefit. Many environmental factors can cause contamination. These are dust, moisture, and most importantly harsh UV lights.

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Therefore, select sustainable packaging materials for the custom lip balm packaging. Some of these materials are; cardboard, cardstock, BUX board, and Kraft. They are strong enough to protect lip balms during shipment. In addition to these benefits, they are made of biodegradable materials which are easy to recycle. They can be customized per your requirements.

Mention Salient Features and Do Marketing

Skin care products like lip balms demand to mention their details on the packaging. People concern about their skin, therefore, before buying any skin or cosmetic product they read the ingredients, precautions, and other details. Mention these things in vibrant colors as it makes your lip balms appealing and worth buying.

Lip Balm Packaging

Mention ingredients

It is a fact that some people are allergic to even natural ingredients of lip balms. Mention all the manufacturing ingredients of lip balms to make it easier for your customers to buy a lip balm that is perfect for their lips. It will make a trustworthy relationship between you and your buyers. And you know that customer trust is the most important thing to boost your business.

Mention usage and precautions

Sometimes people apply too much lip balm on their lips which will cause more harm than good. Therefore, you can mention the procedure of usage on the lip balm boxes. Tell people how many layers of lip balm they can apply at once. Furthermore, mention precautions that in what kind of situations they cannot apply lip balms like if they have burned lips they must not apply lip balms. Also, mention expiry as well as manufacturing date.

Print brand name, and logo

There are many cosmetic, skincare, and even pharmaceutical companies which manufacture and sell lip balms. You can beat these companies by using professional custom-printed lip balm boxes. Print brand name, logo, address, and contact info on packaging to make it easier for your customers to access you. Your brand name and contact on the custom lip balm packaging are very helpful in building brand recognition.

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