April 24, 2024

Things Not To Do Before And After Botox Treatment

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botox specials nyc

Whether you’re getting BOTOX for the first time or have been getting it every couple of months for as far as you can remember, it’s always a good idea to review the dos and don’ts before your procedure. While it’s challenging to completely stop your Botox from working, making simple blunders (such as heading out for a drink straight away) might result in unneeded side effects like swelling and bruising. We’re going over all the dos and don’ts before Botox and some aftercare must-knows to assist you in getting the best results possible. We have talked with some of the best professionals of botox specials NYC to know things we should or should not do before or after the treatment. So, follow our tips to learn more.

Dos and Don’ts before Botox

Avoid blood thinners for 3-5 days before the treatment

Any blood thinner medicine can raise your chance of experiencing edema and bruising after receiving Botox. Take Tylenol instead of over-the-counter pain medication if you must. Discuss this with your doctor if you use prescription blood thinners—which may occasionally be stopped for Botox. After Botox, exercise. Exercise raises blood pressure, which increases the likelihood that the product may spread rather than stay where the injector intended, which raises your risk for bruising or swelling.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol for several days before your Botox injections to further reduce your risk of bruising. Even though it can be difficult to totally stop your Botox from working, making minor mistakes (such going out for a drink right away) could cause unwanted side effects like swelling and bruising. To help you achieve the best outcomes, we’re going through all the dos and don’ts before Botox as well as some important aftercare information.

Pausing retinol regimen

Before Botox, stop using retinol for two days.

Finally, eating a proper breakfast on the day of treatment is a great idea. To assist prevent adverse effects, you want your body to be functioning at full capacity before treatment. A full stomach can also assist you in avoiding feeling dizzy after your shots.

What should I do after Botox? 

Leave the area alone

For a few days, refrain from applying physical pressure, lying on your face, or massaging the injection site. However, you don’t have to refrain from making any facial emotions—smiling, frowning, and other expressions can all help your Botox benefits manifest more quickly!

Wait 24 hours before going to work out

After Botox, work out. Exercise can increase your risk for bruising or swelling by boosting your blood pressure and the possibility of the product spreading instead of staying where the injector intended. Also, while you are at it, try to avoid alcohol consumption for the time.

Avoid exposure to sunlight as much as you can

Sun exposure might extend the appearance of redness or swelling following Botox, so use sunscreen and follow other sensible sun safety precautions.

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