June 13, 2024

Tips to Create the Perfect Space for You

Tips to Create the Perfect Space for You

Indoor decorative and deciduous plants on the windowsill in an apartment with a steam humidifier, against the background outside the window of the city and multi-storey buildings

The apartment or house you live in is your space and there’s always a way to make it work better for you, whatever space you occupy. A little creativity and some know-how can turn any place into the home of your dreams. Here are 11 ways to create the perfect space for yourself:

1. Get rid of clutter

          The basic element of Feng Shui is “energy clearing” so start by doing exactly that – get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in you! I’m not saying toss all the things you don’t use but if something isn’t serving a purpose or reminding you happy memories, pitch it or give it away. Once everything has a home where it belongs, energy will flow freely without being blocked by your old stuff.

2. Add some greenery

       Bring the great outdoors in by adding a little green to your space. Whether you have a little balcony or just a big window, put some plants of any size on the sill and watch them grow! Fresh flowers are an instant mood booster too. A little succulent here and there is enough for even the tiniest corner of your abode.

3. Let light flood in

            Natural light makes everything better so let it shine, even if you have to move furniture around to open up a view to the outside world from wherever you sit most often…which brings us to our next point:

4. Make yourself comfy

             Your sofa or bed are the best places to sit or lay down so make sure they’re perfect for you. Measure your space beforehand and use an upholsterer if needed to make any changes. Same goes for the coffee tables – get rid of anything that could be in the way when having a clear path from kitchen to couch is priority number one!

5. Add some greenery

        Just kidding, but having plants in your home can bring positive energy into your life.

6. Declutter

           As said before, clearing out clutter will help get things running smoothly again so start putting stuff away where it belongs instead of cluttering every surface imaginable. If there’s no room inside for everything you own, consider hanging or stacking your stuff outside in the garden or on your balcony so you can keep both indoors and out clear.

7. Add some color

               Color is another way to attract positive energy in your life, not to mention it’s just plain pretty! Paint a wall in a bright color that pops out at you when you enter the room – if Pampas grass makes you happy then go for it!

8. Get rid of dust

          Dusty surfaces don’t reflect light which means they also get rid of any healthy glow, no matter how much natural light you get into that space. Cleaning once every few months really isn’t too much of an inconvenience; I promise!

9. Make more surfaces useful

              Make the surfaces you use every day (like your coffee table) multi-functional. I like to keep all my magazines in one basket and pile them onto the table when it’s time to read, then clear up again afterwards. You can also get creative with regular household items like plates – make sure you don’t tire of their looks though!

10. Hang some art

             This is what makes me feel at home; looking around and seeing canvases, drawings, prints…any kind of artwork brings inspiration into my life and helps me appreciate what I have in a way that nothing else does. I love art so much that I even collect pieces by other artists just for fun! Look for stuff that represents personal memories or that simply speaks to you on a creative level. As long as it feels right, you can’t go wrong!

11. Make your space feel like YOU

              This is where all my tips come together so stick with me! Bring in pieces that represent who you are – if it makes you smile every time you see it, chances are others will too so let them know what makes your heart sing and they’ll be able to feel how truly special and unique each and every one of us is. I’ve never been so sure of anything before in my life: we were all put here for a reason and the only way we’ll ever find out why is by listening to our hearts and following our dreams matter how scary they may seem

10. Clean everything

          If dust has infiltrated everywhere, cleaning becomes twice as important so get out the vacuum cleaner and disinfectants! Wipe down every nook and cranny until it shines like new again.

11. Decorate with items that mean something to you

┬áKeeping mementos of happy memories close by is one of the best ways to feel good about where you live – I bet that spot on your desk would look way better with a photo frame instead of papers all over the place, no? Whether it’s keys from your first apartment or a letter you received in the mail, hang it up with pride! IKEA has some great decorative items that encourage good energy in your life.

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