June 19, 2024

What To Look for When Finding an Office Space?

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If you’re looking for a corporate office or the Best Coworking Spaces In Dubai, the location and other factors you pick are critical to your company’s success.

It has an impact not just on your day-to-day operations and employee morale, but also on your brand image. Although there are numerous aspects that might influence the office you select, there are five that are extremely essential to the procedure. If you overlook one of these, you may be disappointed.

The office location

“It’s all about location.  We’ve all heard that famous statement, which emphasizes the importance of location while selecting a space for your company.

Here are two questions that are really crucial.

  1. Can my clients arrive without incident?
  2. Can my staff readily get there?

If you locate an office that checks both of these boxes, you’re on your way to selecting a decent location. Consider the security of the neighborhood as well as what is around the office. Is there a gym close by? Coffee house? After-work drink? All of these items are critical for keeping your clients and employees pleased.

Office Size

The size of the commercial property you select will undoubtedly be influenced by the previously stated considerations of location and cost, but it’s still crucial to note.

As a general guideline, 70 square feet per person is usually advised. However, you are the most knowledgeable about your industry. If your staff want larger desks or more storage, for example, increase this value accordingly.

Office Infrastructure

For some firms, this is a more crucial characteristic than for others. Nowadays, however, few organizations can run effectively without a dependable internet connection. Some workplaces particularly managed or serviced offices, have internet connection as part of their monthly fee. However, if you are leasing a space privately, you must consider the expense of connecting a line and the monthly access fees.

Price for office space

When finding a new office space, most firms prioritize price. If you spend too little, you’ll either wind up with an unsatisfactory workplace or you’ll be forced to leave after a few months. Spend too much, and you may be unable to pay your rent or forced to relocate to reduce. Neither of those options is desirable.

When deciding how much to spend on your future office space, consider the following questions:

  • Is it possible for me to pay a three-month rent deposit in this office right now?
  • Have I inquired about any additional costs?
  • Is this workspace priced competitively with other Best Coworking Spaces In Dubai?

Office Style

Frequently, when individuals are looking for new workplaces, this is put to the back of their minds. There is a lot to be said about workplace style even if it’s best to take the “more essential” elements, such as the four listed above, first.

This is something to keep in mind if you run a company that aspires to establish itself as a “brand” or wants to safeguard its reputation from the beginning. An office can be an excellent branding tool.


Even little tasks like hanging artwork or painting the walls might incur additional expenditures in some workplaces. Ahead of time, be certain you are informed of your position. Your brand image won’t improve if your workplace isn’t adorned.

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