June 19, 2024

8 Dos and Don’ts in Social Media Marketing

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Nowadays, everyone is doing business on a social media platform. Whether individual sellers selling their bespoke goods or food industry conglomerates relying on their app to increase sales, everyone is using the internet. Moreover, every business has an online account to attract people and build a wide network.

Social media marketing comes under digital marketing and is a way to use social media to sell your goods and services. An effective marketing campaign lets the audience know what you will offer them instead of vague promises. Here are some tips you can use to make your campaign outshine others!

1: Style of Content

First, you must determine the style of your content. Will it be a video, audio, or in written form? Whatever the form is, the idea should be attractive and something unique. Moreover, ensure that the content has meaning instead of beating about the bush. 

Do: Keep your content short. Make use of taglines that have a 6 to 7-word count.

Don’t: Try not to overdo the campaign poster by adding all the visual elements! Therefore, keep it simple with a single-toned color scheme.

2: Target Audience

Next is to determine your target audience. In short, the people who will consume your product or service. The right target audience will buy your product and believe in your campaign no matter what!

Do: Some ample amount of research on your consumers is a good call! Therefore, get to know what they want currently.

Don’t: Try to stay connected to the relevant audience. And prioritize only important ones! Remember, not everyone is willing to buy your product.

3: Entertaining Content

Entertaining content is humorous. It is vibrant and maintains a visual hierarchy. Moreover, it should be like a book with a unique story to tell, if it is video content. However, a campaign poster can be entertaining due to its witty phrasing.

Do: Get familiar with the ongoing memes and references you can use in your social media campaign!

Don’t: NEVER make offensive content! Sometimes, our campaigns fail because we joke about someone else’s culture. Therefore, keep your eye and mind open!

4: Video Duration

If we are making video content, try to make it as short as possible! As videos are easily shareable, they will profit you a lot. Moreover, ensure that the video is mobile and desktop-friendly and that quality is not compromised.

Do: 30-second explainer video gets the job done more efficiently than a 2-minute video! 

Don’t: Long and boring videos will not catch your customer’s attention. It is a big NO if your video exceeds a 45-second or 1-minute mark!

5: Concise Information

If you are launching a marketing campaign, tell what it is about in a few sentences! Use engaging posters that readily inform everyone about your product/service. Crisp and concise information can make everything much simpler.

Do: Follow the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep it simple, stupid) in every campaign.

Don’t: Try not to drag out your information. Marketing campaigns fail because of lengthy and unnecessary information.

6: Study Competitors

The next thing you must do is study your competitors. Do comprehensive research on your rivals and learn their tips and tricks. Moreover, evaluate what services they provide and what strategies they use that make customers prefer them.

Do: It is also important to make a comprehensive report on your competitors! 

Don’t: We neglect what mistakes our competitors make and do not learn from them. Therefore, list down what made their campaign fail and how yours can be successful.

7: Set KPIs

Your campaign’s success will depend on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and how you meet them. Some of them can be an increase in the traffic to your website, a short-term sale increase, the number of customers retained, etc.

Do: Define metrics for each process. Moreover, assign managers who lead their teams to meet their respective KPIs.

Don’t: Try not to do what everyone is doing! It means meeting already set standards in the market. Sometimes, meeting market-related metrics isn’t the issue. The real problem is failing to meet yours!

8: Get Feedback

Lastly, get feedback from your customers. One of the important aspects of making your campaign successful is having short video content. Customers often complain of video or audio being too long. Therefore, a 30-second explainer video is desirable to your audience. 

Do: Build a transparent channel. It means giving your customers a channel to bring their grievances to you. Therefore, let them take part in comments or forums.

Don’t: Constructive criticism is always welcome. Therefore, do not neglect harsh feedback as the customer was not fully satisfied with your service!

In the end, what matters is how you can manage your campaign. A successful campaign is one that is simple to understand, has engaging material, and has the solution to the current problem! Therefore, meet your KPIs, analyze your competitors, and know what customers want to make your social media marketing stand out!

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