June 19, 2024

How to Win at Andar Bahar Online?

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A good strategy is what distinguishes a player and a pro. Using a sound strategy is the most effective technique to improve your chances of winning an Andar Bahar cash game. 

This post will look into the most popular Andar Bahar strategies that will assist you in tilting the odds in your favor. But first, let us understand the game. 

How to Play Andar Bahar Online? 

Andar Bahar is not a complicated game. It is a game in which the dealer places a card face up on the table. The player places a bet on one of the two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer then deals the cards to the two piles in turn. This is repeated until a card matching the previously placed card appears. The winning pile is the one in which the matching card appears. The game uses a regular 52-card deck, and any number of players can play.  

Tips to Win Andar Bahar Online 

Now that you know how to play the game, let’s look at some tips to help you win at Andar Bahar online.  

The Martingale Strategy 

Originally, the Martingale strategy was created for online roulette, but it may be used for nearly any casino game. Nevertheless, it works best with games that have wagers with a near 50/50 probability of winning, such as the standard Andar Bahar bet. 

The strategy is straightforward: every time you lose, double your stake. For example, if you lose a wager of Rs. 1 on Bahar, you may make it up by betting Rs. 2 on the same side. If you lose again, put a bet of Rs. 4 on the same side. If you win this time, you will receive Rs. 8, a profit of Rs. 5. And it’s all so simple because you only had to invest Rs. 3 at the end.  

Your first stake will be determined by your bankroll or how much money you have. The more you have, the more assertive your gameplay will be. Your bankroll is one of the most crucial factors to consider since, if you pick a big initial bet, the bets you place may rapidly become massive! 

Assume you have a 6-round losing streak and begin with a 100-rupee wager. Your bet progression will be 500, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, and 16,000. To cover this, you’ll need 31,500 rupees in your bank account. As a result, it is advised to make minimal initial wagers. 

You must remember that favoring the side where the dealer places the second card provides a greater payout. 

The Martingale Strategy has Two Popular Variations: 

  • Grand Martingale: Your betting technique remains the same, but you add an additional sum equal to your initial stake every time you lose. This method is ideal for players with large bankrolls since you will not only get your money back when you win, but you will also win a sum equivalent to winning three bets in a row. 
  • Anti-Martingale: When you win, you double your stake; when you lose, you return to your beginning wager. This is the easiest method to win a large sum of money with a modest bankroll. The only issue is judging when to end a winning streak is difficult. 

Using Casino Bonuses 

When playing Andar Bahar online, many players fail to remember the value of casino bonuses. Live online casinos offer bonuses to players, which can be used to increase the RTP (Return to Player) and result in long-term wins.  

In theory, the only way to ensure your win is to play a game with an RTP of 100% or higher. Unfortunately, such games do not exist as they would ultimately result in losses for the house. This is when bonuses come in handy. They would not only fund you but would also contribute to the total RTP of your Andar Bahar session. Profit is determined by the wagering requirements associated with the bonus. The smaller the wagering requirement, the higher the profit and RTP. 

Using Side Bets 

Since Andar Bahar is quite a simple game, side bets have been included to liven things up. It might be a wager on any of the following possibilities: 

  • The cut card (specific value, suit, or color) 
  • The winning card’s suit or colo
  • The card(s) that appear above or below the winning card. 
  • Following the cut card, the first three cards make a flush, straight, or straight flush. 
  • The number of cards pulled before a match to the cut card is discovered. 
  • Andar or Bahar will be the winner of the first card picked following the cut card. 

Four side bets with a greater payoff and better winnability can change the tide. Using it wisely might let you combine it with regular  bets and get higher returns.      


Keeping these strategies in mind, you can now play Andar Bahar online at any live online casino!  

Andar Bahar’s rules are extremely easy to understand. The chances of winning are around 50-50, so it is a game with good possibilities. Once you become familiar with the game’s mechanism, it will be an easy ride. 

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