June 24, 2024

Valorant: Shroud’s Tips and Tricks about Omen


As you all know shrouds is better known as the best Canadian streamer, Youtuber, and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Shrouds are known for the first players who play the person shooter and battle royals games like CS: GO, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant and etc. in this article, we assist you to provide some Shroud’s tips and tricks about Omen. Read the full posts till the end to know the Shroud valorant settings and also the shroud apex legends settings. Let’s begin:

Shroud is a former professional player of CS: GO who retire from the competition and now he comes back in 2018 to pursue a career as a full-time streamer. Recently, he focus on the Valorant and has been putting in a lot of time and effort. His incredible aiming and high-level gaming caught everyone’s attention. Now, let’s see shroud Valorant settings:

Shroud’s Valorant Settings

Initially, we have to know about shrouds valorant settings then we move to the tips and tricks of Omen:-

Mouse Settings

  • He uses Logitech G Pro Wireless Ghost Mouse.
  • The sensitivity is 0.78
  • DPI is 450.
  • eDPI is 351
  • His polling rate is 1000 Hz.
  • The Scoped Sensitivity Multiplier is 1.
  • His Windows Sensitivity is 6.

Keyboard Binds

  • He uses Logitech G Pro X MK keyboard.
  • His Equip Primary weapon is 1.
  • His Equip Secondary weapon is 2.
  • The Equip Melee weapon is 3.
  • The use object is from F.
  • Equip spike is from 4.
  • He crouches from L-Ctrl.
  • He walks with L-Shift.
  • The jumps are with the space bar.
  • Use/Equip Ability 1 is with the E.
  • His Use/Equip Ability 2 is with Q.
  • The use/Equip Ability 3 is from C.
  • The Use/Equip Ability Ult is with the X.

Crosshair Setting’s

  • Color is Cyan
  • The outlines he uses are off.
  • The Center Dot is On/0.506/1
  • Inner Lines is 1/6/1/1
  • Outer Lines is 1/5/3/4
  • His Fade is Off.
  • The Movement is also Off.
  • The firing error is also Off.

Radar Settings

  • Rotate/Fixed Orientation is Rotate/Based on the side.
  • His Keep Player Centered is off.
  • His Minimap size is 0.978
  • Minimap Zoom is 0.843.
  • The Minimap Vision Cones ar eon.
  • The show map region Name is on Never.

Video Setting

Shrouds Valorant setting of Videogaming.

  • He uses BenQ XL2540 Monitor.
  • His Display mode is Fullscreen
  • The resolution is 1920×1080.
  • His frame rate limit is 300 FPS.

Graphic Quality Settings

  • He uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FE SLI GPU.
  • His Material Quality is High.
  • The Texture Quality is also high.
  • The Detail Quality is High.
  • His UI Quality is on Low.
  • His Vignette is off.
  • Vsync is also off.
  • The Anti-Aliasing is MSAA 4x
  • He uses Anisotropic Filtering is 8x.
  • The Improve Clarity is off.
  • His Bloom is on.
  • His Distortion is off.
  • He turns off his First Person Shadows.

Tips and Trick about Omen

Here are some tips that help make an Omen new main, as well as some advanced plays to try.

Omen is the most well-known agent on the valorant roster, it is a fully packed kit with the utilities that support the team, and shrouds valorant setting also helps to support or compete. The Omen’s ability to influence the entire map at will can be a great addition to any team. It can be set to the pace for the entire team at any level of the competition.

Shrouded Steps

Shroud steps to the location that destinated within the immediate vicinity to allow omen to go across the horizontal and vertical space by teleporting. This can take the ability of Omen from the position of safety or the more advantageous position. This can be the difference between giving up or key position and completing the dominating the enemy team. It may cost 100 credits as per the use and you can hold the two at the same time.


Paranoia is the first of the two projectiles that can be used that can immediately affect the players of the game. This can be cast in front of the Omen and from where it cast will travel the straight line. When flying, it can be direct the path will be blinded then overcome from the darkness if contact is made. The player will see the indication on the face and the eyes of the enemy or may the friendly players who are in the path of paranoia. I fin the darkness player lost their sound and visibility then you can use the paranoia to halt rushes or to make a new opportunity to take some strategic locations on the map.

Dark Cover

The dark cover is another projectile that Omen has and primary character ability. Omen has the ability to travel through walls and the across the majority maps. This ability has only a 30-second cooldown. Smoke can be created to safe the omen and the teammates to travel through. The dark cover is a deep purple color and the deep purple color will scheme blends well.

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Final Word!

In this article, we discuss that Valorant: Shroud’s tips and tricks about Omen. I hope this will be beneficial for you to know this much. You may follow all the steps mentioned about shroud apex settings. If you want to know any other thing about shrouds then you can visit our other posts also.

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