June 19, 2024

Oracle Certified Java Developer Certification OCP 11 Exam at A Glance

All types of Oracle certification are sought after by Java professionals, especially those working in organizations using Oracle for running their business. But the Oracle Java certification OCP 11 Exam is one of the toughest Java examinations to clear. Earlier, one had to pass two examinations: 

1) Oracle Certified Java Associate Exam (OCAJP 8 1Z0-80) 

2) Oracle Certified Java Professional Exam (OCPJP 8 1Z0-809), to become an Oracle Certified Java Professional. 

One can do so by passing just one exam- Java SE 8 Programmer II OCP 11 (OCPJP 8 – 1Z0-809). This is a significant advantage and critical reason why many Java developers are now thinking of becoming certified Java developers.

OCP 11 Exam: Overview and Topics

For passing the Java SE 8 Programmer II OCP 11 exam, candidates need to prepare extremely hard as it’s a very tough examination to clear. At the same time, they should know which areas to focus on. 

Even for an experienced Java developer, it’s challenging to crack this exam without proper preparation and practice, as the exam tests the candidates on many tricky topics.

Candidates who hold this certification have to have shown knowledge in the following topics:

  • Java programming language
  • New features of Java SE 11
  • Coding practices 
  • Object-orientation
  • Modules 
  • Concurrency
  • Functional programming: lambda expressions and streams 

The exam tests the candidates on the topics mentioned above and speed and accuracy. One has to solve all questions in a given time, making the exam more challenging. 

OCP 11 Exam: Tips and Preparation

Oracle Certified Associate certifications are an intermediate-level certification path offered by Oracle for IT professionals with limited years of experience, maybe 1-2 years. 

The OCA is the first step toward higher-level certifications, as it allows entry into Oracle certification hierarchy. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in database design, administration and related topics such as PL/SQL, Java, or Web development using Oracle’s products, then the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification is a good starting point. The OCA consists of two exams, one focused on the database related topics of database design and the other on development topics of PL/SQL programming and Java application programming.

The Oracle certification is ideal for professionals

The Oracle certification is ideal for professionals looking to gain fundamental knowledge of Oracle services, products, and best practices. It is done in a business environment managing the multiple functions of an enterprise. 

OCA is the Oracle Certified Associate, and in today’s business environment, it’s a credential that’s essential for any professional. It demonstrates you have the fundamental knowledge of Oracle services, products, and best practices needed to get your job done.

The OCA exam is the first stage in attaining the coveted Oracle Certification. This single test covers a large amount of information and focuses on basic skills in managing an enterprise. With this book, you can prepare for the test by gaining a deeper understanding of important topics and best practices regarding multiple functions of an enterprise and managing Oracle services, products, and systems to optimize performance.

But if one is keen to get ahead and grow in this field, along with Oracle cloud certification and Oracle SQL certification, one needs to get OCP certification. 

Though OCP 11 is a prestigious certification to have, it’s tough to clear it. If one wants to be successful in the OCP 11 exam, some helpful tips on how to prepare for the same are as follows:

  • Enrol in an introductory Java programming course if starting fresh, and it could be online. Choose the course which offers Oracle training across multiple Oracle platforms like Database, Server, Cloud Infrastructure.
  • But if candidates have some experience and a basic understanding of Java programming, they could sign up for any preparatory course aimed for Java SE 11 certification.  
  • Ensure that both the courses have helpful ways to check preparedness in topics covered. There should be different tactics, like quizzes after every module, which would review and check understanding of the topic covered.
  • Self-study guide and books – They could help candidates understand the concepts and knowledge of exam preparation and interview skills. One has to be self-motivated and willing to take time out for self-study.
  • Practice Tests – The more, the better. If it can be timed, it would be more helpful. This then would give an exam-like feel with the right mix of questions and sections set in a given time. Also, it would highlight the strong and weak areas to focus on and further improve your performance.

Benefits Of Investing in Oracle Certifications

  1. Gain a distinct competitive advantage by getting a certification that’s in demand worldwide. With growing Oracle implementations across all companies, it could be beneficial for Application developers and designers, Database administrators, Security engineers, Cloud and Data architects, and other aspiring cloud computing professionals.
  2. Join the growing group of Oracle certification holders. Become a better technologist, gain professional credibility, and successful career growth through better bonuses and higher salaries.
  3. Get a personal secure digital badge that can be added to one’s social media profile.
  4. Improve one’s professional standing and job satisfaction 


Bypassing the Oracle certified Java SE 8 Programmer II OCP 11 exams, one is assured of getting a head start and leading in Java programming roles within a company using Oracle for running its business functions. Good luck with the OCP 11 exams.

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